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  • Shortly About Me

    Mir Mehdi Ghassemi is a well known Bassist and flamenco guitar player, he has played with lots of bands and ensembles and also with most of famous vocalists and musicians of his country. His styles are funk, rock, Jazz, blues and he plays 4, 5 and 6 strings bass guitar. And he also plays flamenco and classical guitar.

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    Mir Mehdi Ghassemi

    Instruments : Bass, Spanish & electric Guitar, Settar

    Influences : David Gilmour, Guy Pratt, Wolfgang Schmid, Tom Kennedy, Babak Amini. Babak Riahipour, Hossein Alizadeh, Masoud Habibi, Roy Riendeau, Clause Fischer, Victor Wooten, Stuart Hamm, Marcus Miller, Paco De Lucia, Vicent Amigo, Tomatito, Angelo Badalamenti,

  • My Discography

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  • Bands

    Mir Mehdi Ghassemi


  • About My BANDS

    The Terminal

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    Kambiz Sinichi

    Kambiz Sinichi started working on woods in Iran (1991) by studying on traditional Persian wooden structures. The outcome in this aspect, was a wooden-tiles exhibition which took place at Seyhoon Gallery in Tehran

    Houman Javid

  • Contact Info

    Mir Mehdi Ghassemi

    Samangan Str. Resalat Sqr. Tehran | IRAN


    +98 936 8850047
    +98 21 88529544

    Shahrtash Str. Shariati Str. Tehran | IRAN


    +98 9368850047
    +98 21 88529544

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  • Mehdi Ghassemi Biography

    Mir Mehdi Ghassemi

    I was born in Tehran, Iran. I started to learn Spanish guitar by myself at the age of 14. After a while I Met Mr. Babak Amini (a well known Iranian-Canadian guitar player & Composer)& I wanted to take classes with him but after a short time he moved to Canada & offered me to continue my classes with Mr. Ashkan Mokhtarband. (He was a great Felamenco teacher ) Mr.Babak Amini helped me a lot.

    I then followed my ambition & I attended classes by the only master of all trades in Bass guitar Mr.Babak Riahipour, at the age of 19.

    After only 2 months I joined a band (Rija) as a bassist at my first experience.

    The reason that I love to play bass is to express creativity with the band. To me it's listening thinking & creating at the same time.

    I published my first poem book (In the ceremony of old children) in the year of 2010 (1388) followed by Its album including my music & poems & the Declamation of my friend Mr. Hamid Reza Majidi.

    The album I'm currently working on is called ( Terminal ) which I hope you like it.My second poem book (Coffee drunken nightmares) is going to be complete & published soon.

    I also play  Settar & Electric guitar.

    I've been graduated from Aviation College as a Flight Engineer and I've also studied basic A&PCourse.

    My activities in music are playing at studio, playing with bands, Composing & Song Writing

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